Sunday, 12 January 2014

Brand Alert! - YESSTYLE

Ok so techincally, YESSTYLE is not a brand. But it is an amazing website which sells clothes from many different asian fashion and beauty brands. One of my favourite brands on YESSTYLE is 59 seconds. They sell super cute, feminine, affordable clothing. You may think "But it's coming from Asia, won't the postage be humongous?" But fear not, there is free postage on orders over £20 at the moment, and often (outside of the festive season and sales) the postage is free! YESSTYLE is the place to go for cute fashion tights. They do all sorts of printed tights, from skulls to cats. I love the Rabbit print two-tone tights. They are not the most convenient and they don't go with everything but how can you resist that level of cute-ness?

I have made an order from YESSTYLE a few days ago, but from personal experience it will probably take around 3 weeks for it to arrive. It says 7-14 days for postage but I would buy stuff 3 weeks before you need it as sometimes the delivery dates can be a little unreliable. I will be updating this post when my clothes arrive so I can report back to you guys on the quality/colour/sizing etc.

Ta ta for now Goddesses!

Rabbit Print Tights

Hey Goddesses, I'm back!
My YESSTYLE stuff arrived a week ago but I've been super busy and didn't have time to update (sorry!) I'm really pleased with my stuff from YESSTYLE and have taken a few photos to show how it looks. The skirt was only £3.60 and is amazing, but I prefer it as a top because as a skirt, it's a teensy bit short! The dress was called 'tangerine' on the website but is really more of a mustard yellow, it had a great vintage vibe and was only £16! I personally think the dress looks great with a bowler hat, because bowler hats are downright fabulous.

sorry for the bad quality of some of the images, had to do it on timer!

Have a great week Goddesses!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Christmas Prezzies

Christmas present shopping is one of those things which I always expect to be great fun, and always end up being stressful and expensive. So, to stop you tearing your hair out this christmas, I've set myself a challenge. Find some great christmas prezzies, all for under £15!

For the Gamer
Wether it be your brother, your godchild, your niece or nephew, they're sure to love the Minecraft Xbox 360 game. For those of you who don't know what Minecraft is, it's a survival game based around building things out of blocks. Prices vary, but the game is available in Smyth's for £14.99. Make sure you check that the person you are buying for has an X-box before buying this gift.

For the Girly Girl
For a gift that is perfect for teen girls who have a passion for fashion, check out the jewellery at the Kukee website. This website is a hidden gem,  saving you from having to worry about buying the same gift as someone else.I especially love the Filigree statement necklace, it's so feminine and stylish.

For the tomboy
Not all girls love jewellery and clothes so here's a gift for the more sporty of girls. I love the Kahuna Ladies' Friendship watch. It's not overly girly and is only £13.20 at the watch shop!

For the fussy lady
Now this woman might be a mother, mother in law, aunt or grandmother. They are that person who seems to have EVERYTHING, kitchen equipment, perfume, jewellery, you name it, they have it. However, I've found the perfect gift. The meal time rules sign. The cheapest I've found it is £4.99 at Funky Honey. Finally, something you can give them that they don't already have!

Who else do you want advice on buying for? Leave a comment and I'll update with more gift ideas!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Dinosaur Print

Recently prints have been huge. Owl print, horse print, but now I've found a way to mix it up a bit, dinosaur print. It can be edgy and cool or cute and feminine depending on how you accessorize. It can be tricky to find but there is a great tie front top from H! by Henry Holland on at the moment featuring some trendy dinosaur print. I recently got myself a dinosaur print jumper from the sale in Zara in Spain so I thought I'd show you how to dress your dinosaur print up or down.

Dress it down and rock some print clashing with casual denim shorts and a skull print scarf.

Dress it up and own the colour pop trend with a dip hem skirt and neon pink accessories.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Battle of the eye-makeup removers!

Garnier Fresh Essentials Eye make-up remover Vs
Nivea daily essentials extra gentle eye make-up remover
Today I am going to be testing these two eye make-up removers made especially for sensitive skin. I find that, often, sensitive eye make-up removers don't really get the job done. Usually you compromise on power to have a sensitive skin product.

Removing Power! - Nivea
I tested both make-up removers on 4 different types of eye make-up: eye-shadow, concealer, eyeliner and mascara.
The Garnier make-up remover took most of the colour off but left some smudgy-ness behind.
However, the Nivea product removed the make-up much more easily.
They both took a bit of scrubbing to get rid of the mascara.

Feel - Garnier
Both eye make-up removers claim pretty much the same thing: they leave no greasy residue and are very gentle.
The Garnier remover left my skin feeling refreshed and didn't leave any greasey-ness behind.
The Nivea product, on the other hand, had a really strong soap smell and left a bit of residue on my skin.

Price - Garnier
That just leaves the last check, price. The prices of both are affordable and very similar.
The Garnier product comes in at £2.14 per 100ml whereas
the Nivea remover works out at £2.64 per 100ml.
I feel that the Garnier product is not only cheaper, it is also better value.

Overall I think that the Garnier eye make-up remover is best. It does have flaws, such as it doesn't remove heavy-duty make-up easily, but it leaved your skin feeling refreshed, is really gentle and is great value for money.

Prices accurate from on the 26/07/130vvv55h

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Getting the perfect tan

Even though the sun's out and the weather's warm, it doesn't mean getting a tan his easy. Wether you've got tan lines or no tan at all, there's a simple way to solve the problem. All you need is a bottle of Dove Tanning Moisturizer.  It comes in two shades, fair to medium and medium to dark. It is great because it gives you a gradual subtle tan without turning you orange and streaky. The best way to use it is to apply it everywhere if you just want to be beautifully bronzed or on white patches if you want to banish your tan lines. At around £2.50-£3.50 from Tesco, Boots, Superdrug etc. it's super affordable and super effective.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Brand Alert! - Not For Ponies has loads of quirky clothes. There isn't a huge variety of stock but each item is cute and fun.

I especially like this "Wonderland T Shirt", which is currently in the sale and is only £14! It's girly and cool, it can be dressed down with a pair of skinny jeans or dressed up with a skater skirt, what's not to love?

I do not own this image, it belongs to the Not For Ponies brand.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Models Own Brushes Review

Price: £10
Brand: Models Own
Available From: Boots
Overall score: *****

This 5 pack of brushes is great! It includes a powder brush,lip liner brush, shading brush, angled brush and blending brush. The brushes are absolutely fantastic value for money. They are super soft and are labelled with their purpose so you know when to use them. Also, they come in a clear zip lock bag which helps to keep your make-up bag clean. The neon orange is really funky and stands out. These brushes are fab!